Colour Therapy

Colour Therapy Healing

Colour as a therapy

Colour therapy is used to balance the chakras of the body. Colour therapy uses the seven main colours of the spectrum, that resonate with one of the main seven chakras in the body. Each of the spectrum colours is simply light of varying wavelengths, thus each colour has its own particular energy. The use of Colour Therapy dates back thousands of years and is a truly holistic therapy using the colour energy from light. Used in the right way, colour can have a profound and healing effect on us as humans of any age as well as the animals.

Colour therapy can be used on the body in a number of different ways. As with any therapy, each colour therapist may have his or her own 'style', however, a number of common methods of using colour therapy are:

  • The placing of colour silks on the body.
  • The directing of coloured light on to the body.
  • Solarized water.
  • Meditation with colour.
  • Colour and breathing.

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We provide Colour Therapy Teaching

We have our comprehensive online Colour Therapy Workshop distance learning packs as well as our popular online shop for colour acetate light filters used in Colour therapy as welll as our popular downloads.

Colour Therapy Workshops

Colour Therapy distance learning workshops

We have compiled our comprehensive online Colour Therapy distance learning packs just for you. We currently have three distance learning packs - 'Level 1', Level 2' and Animals.

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Colour Therapy Online Shop

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We sell a variety of colour therapy related products including colour acetate light filters, our own chakra posters and colour therapy workshop packs and booklets.

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What is Colour

What is colour

Colour is simply light of varying wavelengths and frequencies, as we see or feel it. As an energy colour forms just a small part of the Electromagnetic spectrum.

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Colour Properties

An illustration of an eye looking at the names of colours

Colour is simply light of varying wavelengths and frequencies, as we see or feel it. Visible colour plays a very important part in all of our lives; from colour in work, to adverts and design.

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