Colour and Numerology

We can provide your personal Colour Numerology report to help you to discover your strengths and qualities and you.

A Colour And Numerolgy report can be enlightening, liberating and inspiring and can help you to make the best of your potential for a truly colourful life.

Learn about your self using the power of Colour

  • discover your strengths and qualities
  • dicover your true potential.

Using her years of experience in the world of colour and Colour Therapy, together with numerology founder of Colour Therapy Healing Valerie Logan-Clarke, will reveal to you the colours in your birth date and explain what this can mean to you.

Knowing that you have certain strengths can give you the confidence to truly believe in yourself and to use those strengths to live your life to the full and be true to yourself.

All you need to do is provide us with your date of birth, your favourite colour, and if you have a colour which you really dislike, and we will send you a personal colour reading, sent to you email.

The Colour and Numerology are NOT computer generated, as many readings are nowadays. Each one is done individually and specifically for you so please allow 5 working days for your personal reading to be completed.

All of your data is protected and will not be shared with anyone else.

Colour And Numerology Reading

Colour And Numerology Reading

Your personal Colour And Numerology report can help you to discover your strengths and qualities and..


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