Colour Light Filters

Colour light filters

Light filters and colour for Colour Therapy

Light box with coloured filtersOne method used by Colour Therapists to apply colour to the body is by using a light box and filters.

Light is energy and each colour has its own wavelength. Using a light box with a filter of the required colour, is a very effective way of applying colour to the body. Light filters of different colours can be used with a light box with full spectrum (natural daylight) bulbs, is one way of giving coloured light treatment to the body, and is often used by Colour Therapists.

You may have heard about S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder), the light box on the right, can also be used for treating S.A.D. The light produced is full spectrum light and is the closest you can get to natural daylight.

We supply colour acetate light filters for all of our light boxes as well as colour filters in a range of many sizes in our Online Shop.