Colour Therapy and Nature

Colour Therapy and Nature

When exploring some of the connections of Colour Therapy and Nature, one of the most obvious is, of course, flowers. They are a very big part of the colours we are all used to seeing around us. Nature is full of healing energy and it is there for us all to share and to enjoy. We just need to look.

We are surrounded by colour

It is not only the plants and trees and their flowers and fruits which provide us with colour, but also the many wonderful creatures who share this planet with us who contribute to the amazing colour palette, and the planet herself.

What more dramatic colours could you ask for than the variations of the blues of the sky, the blue/greens of the oceans, and the reds and oranges of sunsets - to name but a few.

The subject of Nature is enormous, however see related topics above right for some examples which have been written with the Colour Therapy / Nature connection in mind.