Colour Therapy Self Help

Here are just a few ways in which you can use and apply colour for yourself.



Clothes are important, as by wearing them all day, the colour's will be absorbed by the body

It may seem obvious but clothes are important since, as we are wearing clothes all day, their colour will be absorbed by our body.

We all have our favourite clothes and colour's, but do try not to be exclusive in your choices. It is important to have a balance of all the colours. Some people say that a certain colour does not suit them - there is no need to exclude this colour from your wardrobe, in fact it could be detrimental to you to do so since that would upset the balance.

There are ways of dealing with this - simply use the colour you think doesn't suit you, as an accessory, say a scarf for example. Or find a colour which is perhaps a paler tone of that colour. At least you will have that colour's energy even if it is a paler hue. Of course, there is always your underwear or socks.

Visualizing Colour

Visualizing Colour

Using images to focus the mind when visualizing colour

Visualizing colour is easy with a little practice. The Colour and Breathing exercise will help here. If we can visualize the colour we need, we can access this colour and it's healing energy, any time, anywhere.

Stand with feet slightly apart and arms by your side, relaxed with palms turned to the front. Relax the shoulders, and concentrate on your breathing. If you can do this outside all the better, and, weather permitting, try to stand on grass with bare feet. It is fine if you prefer to lie down or sit comfortably.

Visualize yourself wherever you feel safe and relaxed, whether that be in nature with flowers of lovely colours, walking through a wood full of bluebells or swimming in a beautiful blue sea or lying on a white sand beach watching the sea.

Wherever, you choose for your safe haven - visualize the colour you want to work with and, still being conscious of your breathing, absorb that colour, holding your in breath for a few moments whilst that colour fills your body, then breath out all the stress, pain and turmoil. Repeat this three or seven times.

Solarized Water

Solarised Water

Solarized Water

A simple cheap and yet effective method of applying colour to the body is to use Solarized water.

It can be drunk or used to bathe. Solarized water is a particularly helpful way of giving colour therapy to animals. More about Solarized water and how to use it is covered in the section on Solarized water.