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Colour Therapy

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Colour Therapy is a truly holistic therapy which dates back thousands of years in the cultures of Egypt, China and India and uses the energy from light to restore balance to the energy centres of our body. Colour is simply light of varying wavelengths, thus each colour has its own particular wavelength and energy.

Colour can have a profound and healing effect on us as humans as well as the animals we share this world with. The energy relating to each of the seven spectrum colours of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, resonates with the energy of each of the seven main chakras/energy centres of the body. If you can imagine the chakras as a set of cogs/wheels, they are rather like the workings of a clock or an engine; each cog/wheel needs to move smoothly for the clock/engine to work properly. Thus good health and wellbeing is achieved by a balance of all these energies. Balance of the energy in each of the body’s chakras is very important for health and wellbeing. Colour therapy can help to re-balance and/or stimulate these energies by applying the appropriate colour to the body and therefore re-balance our chakras.

Red relates to the base chakra, orange the sacral chakra, yellow the solar plexus chakra, green the heart chakra, blue the throat chakra, indigo the brow chakra (sometimes referred to as the third eye) and violet relates to the crown chakra.

Colour is absorbed by the eyes, skin, skull our ‘magnetic energy field’ or aura and the energy of colour affects us on all levels, that is to say, physical, spiritual and emotional. Every cell in the body needs light energy - thus colour energy has widespread effects on the whole body. There are many different ways of giving colour, including; Solarized Water, Light boxes/lamps with colour filters, colour silks and hands on healing using colour.

Colour Therapy Workshops and Courses

UK Based Colour Therapy Workshops

Our Colour Therapy Workshops

We hold regular workshops that are ideal for those who wish to learn more about Colour Therapy, Colour, and how colour is used by Colour Therapists.

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UK Based Colour Therapy Diploma Course

Our Colour Therapy Courses

We also provide a qualifying Diploma Course for those who wish to progress further and practice Colour Therapy on a professional level.

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What is colour

Colour is simply light of varying wavelengths and frequencies, as we see or feel it,

Visible colour plays a very important part in all of our lives; from colour in work, to adverts and design.

As an energy Colour forms just a small part of the Electromagnetic spectrum.

Colour properties

Each colour has its own unique properties, from wavelengths and frequency's to how it can be used as colour therapy.

more about... Colour properties

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