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Colour Therapy Courses based in the UK

Colour Therapy Course UK

Colour Therapy Courses - Attended Diploma Level based in the UK

Our attended qualifying Colour Therapy Courses, are VERY COMPREHENSIVE and include both theory and experiential work plus Anatomy & Physiology and Health and Safety for therapists.

With restrictions relating to Covid 19 we have not had our usual Attended Qualifying Courses running. However, for those who were already participating in a course when the restrictions came into force, we adjusted our schedules and methods of presentation.

We have also been asked many times for an Online Qualifying Course, so we are currently making adjustments to the Qualifying Course to enable online participation. This will make it possible for prospective participants to take part from wherever they live in the UK or another country, without any travel issues.

The content will be as before and lessons, homework assignments and supporting information will be sent via email to the participants. Homework can be returned via email and will be marked promptly as always. We will also be conducting Zoom meetings to facilitate discussion, questions and answers and treatment routines.

More detailed information to follow soon including start dates.

If you have any questions please do no hesitate to Contact us.

Course Tutor

Valerie Logan-Clarke founder of Colour Therapy Healing, will be your tutor of the Colour Therapy Courses.

During the course other tutors may be invited to contribute, who are also fully qualified in their particular field whether teaching, assessing or advising, and also have many years of experience. Everything is aimed at providing you with the understanding and knowledge needed for professional practice as a Colour Therapist.

Please Note: For those who have already attained a certificate in Anatomy & Physiology, which covers the modules in this course, a reduction in the course fee will be given on receipt of a copy of a suitable certificate. Please contact us if this applies to you.

Colour Therapy Courses

Our Colour Therapy Courses are held at Alderwasley Cottage in Bognor Regis West Sussex UK on the South Coast of the UK just a few minutes walk from the beach. Alderwasley cottage is over 200 years old and situated in a conservation area just a 5-6 minute walk into the town of Bognor Regis, and an 8 minute walk from Bognor Regis Train Station. The beach is just 150 yards away.

You will have access to Valerie’s large selection of books and information. We run workshops with a maximum of 6 people by popular demand. This ensures a more personal touch and more one to one time is available.


About our Colour Therapy Courses

This COMPREHENSIVE Colour Therapy Course is for:-

  •  those wishing to practice as a professional Colour Therapist
  •  those wishing to add Colour Therapy to their existing qualifications
  •  those wishing to incorporate colour awareness into their existing profession

Course content includes

  •  Anatomy & Physiology
  •  Relevant Health & Safety
  •  Professional Practice
  •  History of Colour Therapy
  •  Colour psychology
  •  Self awareness and self development
  •  The Chakras
  •  Colours and their resonance with the chakras
  •  Colours and their uses
  •  Methods of giving Colour: including:- silks, hands on, colour and light, visualisation and Solarised Water
  •  How Colour can be utilised for physical, emotional, spiritual and auric healing
  •  Colour readings
  •  Colour and numerology
  •  Using Colour with other therapies, including Essential Oils, Crystals & Bach Remedies
  •  Dowsing
  •  Trusting your intuition
  •  Giving and receiving Colour Therapy
  •  Consultation and treatment procedures

It should also be said that we do have fun too!!

Our Workshops and Courses are accredited by IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine)

Course duration

The commitment is to the whole course and participants should attend each segment. Allowances can be made for unavoidable absence – wherever possible please discuss with Valerie in advance.

The course dates will be discussed on the first meeting and if any changes need to be made, due to students being unable to attend proposed dates, these can be discussed with the whole group to try to find alternatives which suit the majority.

The course develops over the 10 segments of two days and concludes with one 1 day meeting. Each two day segment, commences at 10.00am on both mornings and closes at 17.00pm in the afternoons, consists of plenty of practical work as well as written assignments. All assignments will be assessed promptly and feedback given as we go along and any help and support is given as required. The 11th meeting, the One Day meeting, is for handing in portfolios to include all assessed assignments and Client Studies. This One Day meeting commences as usual at 10.00am but closes at 4.00pm.

The tutored time, as stated above, is not the total time needed to complete the course, as you will need to allow further time to complete your written assignments. In the main, assignments will be completed in your own time – although there will be some assessed written work within the class. As part of the course you will be required to complete a minimum of 24 treatments for example, Six (6) Client Studies constituting a minimum of four (4) treatments per client study.

The number of hours spent on homework is variable depending upon the individual and any previous experience of the subject matter. Assignments will be set during each segment and are to be completed on or before the following segment. Practical – you will give and receive treatments during the course and towards the latter part of the course, the treatment you give will be assessed.

Ongoing support throughout the course duration

We are here to provide any support which you may need along the way both before the course starts and throughout its duration.

Just contact Valerie to discuss any queries you may have or if there is any way in which we may be able to help. It is important that you have a full understanding of the commitment to the course.

Telephone: (01243) 826709 - Or Email: contact us

We will also provide you with details of Professional insurance which is available to you as a student of Colour Therapy Healing and as a qualified practitioner. This insurance is valid for the UK and other EU countries.

Contact Us if you would like to find out more.

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