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Colour Therapy Workshops based in the UK

Colour Therapy Workshops

Our Colour Therapy Workshops are open to anyone to learn what the power of colour can do for you.

If you have an interest in colour, health and well-being, and/or complementary therapies, you can simply join us on a Colour Therapy Workshop to learn about Colour and Colour Therapy and how colour can help you on a daily basis.

Our workshops are suitable for everyone and existing therapists may find them very helpful with a view to introducing colour into their current therapy modality. Colour blends beautifully with other therapies and many practitioners who have begun to use the power of colour have stated that it has greatly enhanced their work.

An Introduction to Colour and Colour Therapy

Our Colour Therapy workshops can also be seen as an introduction to further studies to become a qualified Colour Therapist.

Equally suitable for those who are simply looking for a therapy to use in their everyday life for their own health and well-being. There is something for everyone and everyone is made very welcome.

You will learn a great deal about Colour and one of the great things about Colour Therapy is that Colour is FREE – it is everywhere – and you can learn how to utilise this free resource for health and well-being.

Colour Therapy Workshops - Details

We currently run three types of Colour therapy workshops -

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Colour Therapy for Animals.

Level 1 and Level 2 workshops are held on consecutive days – Level 1 on Saturdays and Level 2 on Sundays. This provides continuity of the work and is convenient for those travelling from a distance.

You do not have to do both days but we suggest that Workshop 1 is completed before Workshop 2 as information and experience on the first one is relevant to appreciation of the second.

Colour Therapy for Animals is held on Saturdays. The workshops are suitable for people who want to give their pets the best of both worlds - veterinary care and complementary therapy alongside and also for existing therapists who may wish to introduce colour into their current therapy modality. Colour blends beautifully with other therapies and many practitioners who have begun to use the power of colour have stated that it has greatly enhanced their work.

Attended - Level 1 Workshop

Colour Therapy Workshop Level 1

Our level 1 Colour Therapy Workshop explains what Colour Therapy is.

It also covers how to use Colour in everyday life and how colour is used by Colour Therapists.

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Attended - Level 2 Workshop

Colour Therapy Workshop Level 2

Our level 2 Colour Therapy workshop is ideal for those how have completed Level 1.

It aslo includes how Colour Therapy can be used with Bach Flower Remedies.

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Attended - Animals Workshop

Colour Therapy Workshop - Animals

Our Colour Therapy Workshop for Animals covers how colour energy is used by professional colour therapists for animals.

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Distance Learning Workshop Packs

Colour Therapy Workshop - Distance learning

For anyone who is unable to attend our UK based Colour Therapy workshops, we have our distance learning packs.

These can be found in our online store.

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Testimonials from participants

Colour Therapy Workshops

Over the years we have had an enormous variety of people attending our workshops, from the UK and overseas.

Attendees have included psychiatrists, prison workers, teachers, artists, complementary therapists from many differing disciplines, housewives, veterinary professionals, IT workers, accountants, hairdressers and young and mature students - to name but a few!

A lot of students have used their workshop experiences as part of their theses for a wide range of studies.

Our workshops have been shown to be not only a source of useful information, but also a source of healing, peace and inspiration for many participants.

Below are just a few of the comments we have had from participants.


"Quite frankly the most relaxing and rewarding colour therapy workshop I have attended. Both Valerie and Julia put you immediately at ease and their knowledge is astounding. Everyone who attends is welcomed with enthusiasm and leaves as a friend"


When I came to the colour therapy workshop back in, I think it was 2004, it was an experience to remember! I can't tell you how exhilarated I felt after the workshop - At the time I took part in the workshop to gain a better understanding of colour therapy. It was for my university dissertation. The workshop was a massive help as participating in various techniques, visualizations, relation to reflexology and lots and lots of information! I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience especially the visualizations. Absolutely amazing! Would recommend anyone who is interested in alternative therapies that it's a really useful and insightful workshop to go to. Thank you!


I'd just like to say that your workshops have helped me decide what I want to do with my life. I'm now learning all I can about colour therapy and other holistic therapies, it's a lot more relaxing and fulfilling than sitting in an office all day!


"Valerie's courses are fun, informative and good value of money".

Karen, Sussex.

Just a quick note to say thank you for the day we spent with you on one of the work shops this was of great benefit to us for having a better understanding of colour therapy and what we can use it for on our new business venture with horses.

Well I can’t tell you any thing that came from the horse’s mouth, but I can say we have been very successful with relaxing our horses under green colour and it’s been a great help with introducing them in to a new environment. We have been using all the colours for there suggested use and have only had promising results.

I must also say that if you’re not the only, you’re among the very few suppliers that send any orders out with no problems what so ever, and may be with luck but always next day delivery. Always helpful and an absolute pleasure to deal with! I only wish all our suppliers were of your standing on quality service.

Nick, Surrey.

I did very much enjoy the workshop I did with you and would recommend it to anyone.


"Valerie's course had a profound impact on my life. On a daily basis I am now aware of how colour influences our life ---and I now understand why I would be affected by the colour clothes that I wore. I now make a conscious choice in the colours that I wear and surround myself with to maximize my daily well-being. Thank You Valerie for creating this awareness for me."

from Lisa.

"These courses are excellent, very friendly and very interesting to anyone interested in colour".

from Linda.

"Thank you for a fabulous course over the weekend. People can't believe how much I learnt over the weekend - even I don't know how you and Julia managed to teach me all that in such a relaxed atmosphere. I'm already putting it into practice and have got the bug now to do more!. Even my husband was up for it - which is a first for any complementary therapy!! He has been drinking orange solarized water for the last 2 days and seen a big improvement.................... We're even looking at our house and the dog's environment to see where we might make improvements there.
All from one weekend course! Wow. Best course I've ever done!"

from Donna.

"I just wanted to thank you once again, for a wonderfully informative and interesting weekend."

from Karen.

"I'm so glad I came on your course as it's opened my eyes to another complementary therapy that I knew just a little about previously, but seemed so natural as a healing tool.  Also, it's one that can be used safely in many ways by the interested but unqualified person.

Thank you for making it so interesting, plus all the extra work you did for our benefit, eg handouts regarding animals, colour in the home, etc.."

from Wynne.

"I've been to two of your courses on colour therapy and enjoyed both. I found the courses pitched at the right level of theory mixed with lots of practical application, especially useful for the non trainee therapists amongst us. I've managed to incorporate a number of things learnt in my day to day life and still dip into my notes on occasions.  The course mixing colour and essential oils was really useful and I find myself referring to that whenever I am feeling under par. The grapefruit oil was fab for clearing headaches!
I'm looking forward to trying another course next year."

from Tracey.

"I did very much enjoy every minute of your workshop it was a very interesting and fun day."

from Shelia.

"Thank you so much for today, Louise and I really enjoyed our day. I learnt a lot and once again have lots of things to think about.
I hope you do a workshop No3 !"

from Jo.

"As a teacher of art to adults, I was aware of how colour can naturally enhance people’s lives and when I discovered Valerie’s introduction to Colour Therapy through attending one of her 2 day workshops, I was given an insight into a whole new world of colour and its use to benefit our health in a completely non-invasive and holistic approach.

I am now training to be a Colour Therapist – thank you Valerie for setting me on my road home!"

from Penny.

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