Solarized Water

A simple way of applying colour to the body is to use solarized water.

When exposed to sunlight, water in a coloured container absorbs the vibrational energy of that particular colour. This can then be drunk by sipping the water or used for bathing a particular part of the body.

Making Solarized Water

Solarized water

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To solarize or energize water is quite simple. You will need:

A clean plain glass
Coloured light filter
Elastic band
Pure still mineral or spring water
Muslin or some other cotton fabric (kitchen towel will do)

Step 1.

Fill glass with pure still mineral water and attach the chosen colour filter to the glass using the elastic band and cover the top with the muslin or similar.

Step 2.

Place on a window sill.

A clean glass receptacle of the desired colour can also be used providing the colour is strong

How long before the solarzied water is ready to drink?

Depending upon how strong the sun is, in summer the process of light absorption should only take a couple of hours but in winter it may be necessary to leave the glass on the window sill all day.

The water can be kept in a refrigerator and will last up to 5 days.

Oils can also be energized using a similar method, then the oils can be use for massage, but DO NOT drink them!

The following are a few examples of where solarized water may be helpful.

Solarized water can be sipped or used to even bathe affected areas - or both. Sip, do not gulp! And remember that the red, orange and yellow are inclined to be stimulating, so do not drink these too late in the day as it may keep you awake at night.

The blue, indigo and violet are calming, so it is best to drink these in the latter half of the day.

Violet light filter
  • Purifying.
  • Restores calm to mind.
  • Nervous headache, migraine.
  • Acne - bathe skin and leave to dry naturally and also drink water.
  • Also improves skin, where blemishes and scar tissue are present.
  • Psoriasis - rinse hair with violet water.
  • Insomnia - as with indigo, or concentrate on violet colour for 3 minutes before putting out bedside light.
Indigo light filter
  • Purifying for the blood.
  • Boils, ulcers, varicose veins, shingles, insomnia.
  • Pain relief.
  • Chicken pox, measles - soothes the rashes.
  • Rheumatism, arthritis brings down the inflammation as blue, but more powerful.
  • Eczema.
  • Helps to release fears and calm the mind Sip a glass before retiring.
  • Healing wounds - where they can be bathed, do so, otherwise drink the water.
Blue light filter
  • Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.
  • Teething problems in babies. Stings, itches, rashes.
  • Calms a fever.
  • Thyroid imbalance.
  • Decreases redness in a very ruddy complexion - bathe face with blue water and leave to dry naturally.
  • Gargle for sore throat.
Green light filter
  • Eases stress, can be used for lowering of high blood pressure.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • If an animal is upset use green solarized water in the drinking bowl and green bedding material.
  • Shock - green water with Bach Flower Rescue Remedy, wrap yourself in a green silk/pure cotton scarf.
Yellow light filter
  • Good for study, helps concentration, alertness, reasoning and logic.
  • Laxative, diuretic.
  • Weight corrective - tumbler of yellow water half an hour before eating.
  • Urine infections.
  • Cleanse the skin after removing makeup.
Orange light filter
  • Digestive system.
  • Menstrual problems. Period pains.
  • Cramp, muscle spasms.
  • May be helpful for lifting depression.
Red light filter
  • Bathe chilblains.
  • For tiredness and lethargy, sip glass of red water in the morning to help get you going.
  • Warming on a cold day. Sip glass in the morning.
  • Helps raise low blood pressure. Boosts sluggish circulation.
Magenta light filter
  • Beneficial for the skin and for lack of energy. Bear in mind the two colours here:- violet and red, so these are the combined energies.
Turquoise light filter
  • Throat Chakra problems - energizes thyroid. Emotional healing. Immune system.
Pink light filter
  • As for red but better for young children and those with a hypertension problem.