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Workshop Schedules - Workshop Level 1


In view of the restrictions due to Covid 19, we are currently offering the following alternative for our Attended Workshops:-

Distance Learning downloads for either  Level 1 or Level 2 or both, are being offered in lieu of the deposit payment and once restrictions are lifted, a one day meeting will be held for the balance of the workshop fees.  This one day meeting will include hands on experience including the hand/foot massage and the auric healing with Essential Oils and the opportunity for discussion and exchange of ideas and information. This One Day meeting could be a Saturday or Sunday or a week day and dates will be announced as soon as possible.

In the interim, any questions you may have arising from the Distance Learning downloads can be emailed to Valerie and she will respond to them all promptly. If this is something you would like to do then please order the Attended Workshop for May in the usual way and the relevant download/downloads will be emailed to you immediately.

Contact us.

Colour Therapy Workshops Schedule

our workshops run from 10.00am - 4.30pm

On Arrival

A welcome cuppa and refreshments! - Whatever your journey, a cup of tea or coffee on arrival is a must. You will be offered a large variety of fruit/herb/organic teas, as well as coffee (decaff provided), fruit juices etc. together with a plentiful selection of biscuits and such like. There is always plenty of mineral water also available. ... and of course filtered hot water for the teas and coffee. These are all available for you to help yourself during the breaks.

When you arrive you will be made very welcome and we would like you to make yourself at home.

The Start of the day

We start at 10.00am and have a tea/coffee break during the morning.

During the morning session we go through the chakras/areas of the body, organs, glands, physical problems and the colours to which they relate and explain the psychology surrounding these.

Plenty of time is always given for comments, questions and input from participants on the workshop.

We will also be covering colour and your colour potential analysis during the morning, where you will be shown how to do a colour potential analysis based upon your date of birth. Again, plenty of opportunity for questions with one to one attention.

Lunch Break

Lunch is normally around 1.00pm.

During the lunch break you are welcome to use the garden.
We always have the teas, coffee, water and fruit juices etc. available throughout the day for you to help yourself.

There is a local pub a couple of minutes walk from the venue.


We start off the afternoon with a discussion about massage in relation to colour followed by a demonstration of a hand and/or foot massage. You will then be offered the opportunity to receive and give such a massage to another workshop participant. This is all voluntary and if you do not feel you want to participate, that is okay.
After these hands on experiences we will discuss the findings/experiences and, as always, there is plenty of opportunity for discussion, questions and revelations. Followed by refreshments.


The end of the day brings the practicalities of our journeys home etc. but also, as always, the opportunity to talk to Valerie about any aspect of the day which you may wish to discuss. The certificates etc. will be given out and often extended farewells ensue!

As one of our participants commented, "we arrive and are made very welcome, but we leave as friends".

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